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Hey there!

Thank you so much for booking in your family photo session. My approach is all about creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, so you can forget about any stress that comes with having your family photographed and just have a blast!

To me, you, my clients, mean the world. That's why I've crafted photography sessions over the years to ensure that I deliver unforgettable memories that you, your family, and even your friends will cherish. Photography isn't just a passion for me; it's a way of life. I'm dedicated to providing you with an incredible experience that will leave you smiling.

I know there's a lot to think about when it comes to your family session, and that's why I'm here to help. Whether you want to chat, share some of your preferred photos, or even get advice on outfits, don't hesitate to reach out.

I've created this guide to make your family session an experience you'll fondly remember for years to come. During our time together, I want you to feel completely comfortable and just enjoy being yourselves.

Hello & Welcome!

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So get ready for some great family photos that celebrate what makes your family truly special.


My photography style is all about capturing vibrant and fun moments. We'll mix it up with a combination of posed and prompted shots. The poses will give us those classic smiling-at-the-camera shots, while the prompts will bring out those genuine and candid reactions that showcase your family's unique personality. It's all about capturing those authentic interactions and connections that make you who you are.

In the comprehensive guide, you'll find everything you need to know to prepare for your session. From handy tips before the session to what happens during and after the shoot, it's all covered. Plus, I've included some helpful suggestions for wardrobe choices and possible locations.


Remember, if you have any questions, concerns, or even your own ideas, I'm here to listen. Your input is incredibly valuable to me, and I want to make this experience as personalized and enjoyable as possible.

I can't wait to embark on this photography adventure with you, creating timeless memories that reflect the love and joy within your family. 

Katie Clarkson

Hello & Welcome
What To Expect

We discuss everything we need to before hand, chose a date, time, and location 


I’ll send your photography agreement  to sign along, an invoice for your retainer to

secure your date, and a questionnaire to get to

know you and your



We will meet up at our agreed upon location, and have a great time at our session. 



About 1 week after your session you will receive an online proofing gallery

where you can choose

your favourite



Within 2 weeks of you choosing your favourites,

I will hand edit each image and deliver them via

your online gallery. 

What To Expect

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FG - 1.png
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Before our session, there are a few things to take care of:​​

  1. Session Agreement: To ensure clarity and alignment, I have a session agreement in place. It covers important details such as session logistics, copyright, rescheduling, and model release. If you prefer to keep your images private, just let me know, and I'll adjust your agreement accordingly.

  2. Invoices: You'll receive a couple of invoices. The first invoice is a 50% non-refundable retainer that secures your date and time. Please make this payment as soon as possible. Your session is not officially booked until the Session Agreement is signed and the retainer is fulfilled. The second invoice is the final 50% payment, due no later than 24 hours before your session.

  3. Questionnaire: I will send you a questionnaire. This is essential because it gives me valuable insights into your family's story and helps me tailor the session to capture your authentic selves. Your answers guide me in creating beautiful keepsake images that you'll treasure forever.


Day Of

On the day of our session, here's what you can expect:

  1. Meeting Up: We'll meet at the agreed location. If you're running late or encounter any delays, please text me and keep me informed.

  2. Location Briefing: Once we're at the location, I'll show you around and let you know where we'll be shooting. I want this session to be fun and relaxing for everyone involved, so you can expect a laid-back atmosphere.

  3. Authentic Moments: My goal is to capture natural and genuine images of your family. During the session, I'll take a variety of shots, including group photos, individual portraits, and paired shots. If you have any specific requests, feel free to let me know. I may ask for your assistance with the kids, whether it's fixing a slipped hair clip or grabbing their attention. I'll capture a few "smile and look at the camera" shots, but my focus is on candid and heartfelt moments that reflect your family's love and connection.

  4. Cherish the Moment: ​A family session is an opportunity to pause and appreciate the incredible family you've created. Take it all in and remember this special time together.



After our session, here's what happens:

  1. Image Selection: I'll carefully curate the best photos that tell your unique story. You'll receive an online proofing gallery of soft edited images. This process typically takes around 1 week.

  2. Choosing Favourites: In the gallery, you can select your favourite images included in your session fee. If you're interested, additional images and prints are available for purchase. Once you've made your selections, I'll finalise the edits and send them your way. This process typically takes around 2 weeks from your final choices.

  3. Printing and Usage: Once you have the digital files, you're free to print them as you please, create holiday cards, and share them on your social media pages. The only limitations are related to resale or commercial/business purposes. You have full control and ownership of the photos, with the exception of using them for contests or commercial gain.

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What To Wear

What To Wear

Your outfits play a huge role in creating amazing photos that reflect your style and personality. To help you out, I've got a guide packed with all sorts of tips. It's all about making you look and feel your best. I'm here to answer any questions or offer advice. Just give me a shout!






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Earch Tones.png
Pastel Tones.png
Cool Tones.png
Jewel Tone.png


Enhance your outfits by layering with vests, jackets, scarves, and carefully chosen accessories. These add depth, texture, and pops of interest. Don't forget about details like socks and shoes!


When incorporating patterns into your wardrobe, it's important to strike a balance. Avoid going overboard! Consider having patterned outfits for fewer than half of the family members. For instance, dressing your kids in prints can make them stand out naturally. To maintain cohesiveness, adults can opt for coordinating solid colors. This creates a relaxed yet polished look for your portraits.

Coordinating Colours

Let this be your starting place. Think in terms of tones: cool tones, warm tones, earth tones, pastels, jewel, etc. Coordinating colours tend to photograph better than those that are `matchy matchy'. I encourage you not to go with the "let's all wear matching shirts, and khakis" look. Everyone in the family can express their own sense of style within the chosen colour palette, and the whole group will coordinate beautifully.

Fit The Location

When deciding what to wear, consider the location of your photoshoot. If it's a beach or a tree-filled area with vibrant fall foliage, choose colors that complement the surroundings without overpowering them.

Stay True to Yourself

Select clothes that reflect your personal style and make you feel at ease. No need to follow trends or step outside your comfort zone. Authenticity captures genuine moments.

Avoid Logos

Keep it clean and simple by avoiding shirts with prominent logos. This ensures the focus remains on the emotions and connections within your family.

Express Your Style

Let your personality shine through your outfit choices. Whether you prefer a casual and earthy look or enjoy a touch of glamour, wear something that represents you. Remember, confidence translates into stunning final images.

NEW CN.png

Creamy Neutrals With A Pop Of Colour

Keep it simple with neutral cream tones for parents, allowing the kids to shine in colorful outfits with muted hues. This look is soft, romantic, and effortlessly showcases their vibrant and youthful energy.


Pick A Colour Theme

Choose a specific color and incorporate it into all outfits for an appealing look. For example, forest green can be a great choice. Adding a small pop of color brings the entire look to life. Other staple colors like grey, blue, or magenta work well too. Let your family's style shine through!

NEW BB.png

Black With Bold Colours

For a classic and modern vibe, parents can opt for black attire paired with bold colors for the kids, adding a touch of playfulness and keeping the look youthful. Details like earrings, collar/cuff colors can add flair to the parents' outfits, ensuring coordination with the kids' colors and overall tone.


Complementary Colours

Achieve a harmonious trio of colorful outfits by carefully balancing the colors. Let one color dominate and use the other two as accents. This look is fun, vibrant, and allows each family member to express their personality.


Keep It Simple!

If you're not into styling, no worries! Embrace simplicity and let your family shine effortlessly. Opt for simple cream, white, and neutral tones. Don't overthink it—just keep it simple and watch your family sparkle in the photos!



DO pick a floral pattern dress and match your family to it

DO add layers and vests and cardigans

DO go barefoot if season allows


DO use a color palette of 3 or more soft/neutral colours to work with


DO go classic and pick clothes that will last through the ages


DO come comfortable

DO wear flowy shirts, skirts, and dresses


DO wear shoes that are timeless and plain



DON’T wear bulky watches and jewellery

DON’T wear bright, bold, or neon colours

DON’T match everyone perfectly or wear jeans and white t-shirts; you want variety

DON’T pick busy patterns or stripes because they look funny from a

camera’s perspective


DON’T wear clothing with media, logos, or words.

DON’T wear tinted glasses 

Location Guide

Location Guide

Let's Find Your Picture-Perfect Spot! When it comes to your photos, we'll choose a location that matches your style and personality. Whether it's a cosy coffee shop, a serene park, or a sunny beach, let me know your preference. I have a collection of favourite spots I frequent, but I'm also open to discovering new hidden gems. Together, we'll discuss and select the ideal location that aligns with your personal style, whether you're a city lover, a nature enthusiast, or a bit of both.

My go-to spots are all about capturing the best light and providing plenty of open space to explore. I'm constantly on the lookout for new treasures, and each season brings a fresh perspective. Let's embark on a photography adventure and find the perfect spot for your session!


Questions & Answers


Q: When is the best time to schedule our session?


A: Let's aim for that magical sunset hour! We'll capture the most enchanting lighting and achieve those radiant, glowy photographs.

Editing Requests

Q: Can you edit out any imperfections in our photos?


A: Certainly! I'll handle minor distractions like blemishes, scratches, or bruises. If you want specific changes like altering the color of your socks, clothing wrinkles, or other avoidable elements, there will be an additional fee for those requests. Let's keep that in mind when planning your outfits.

Social Media

Q: Can I share my images on Facebook?


A: Absolutely! Once you receive your final images, feel free to share them to your heart's content. If I share some images on my professional page, you're welcome to share that post as well. Your support is greatly appreciated! However, please do not shar the proofing gallery before the final editing process is complete.


Q: Do you take traditional posed shots?


A: Yes! While I love capturing natural, candid moments, I also understand the importance of having some relaxed, posed portraits. It's a wonderful keepsake for your family and makes fantastic gifts for grandparents. We'll find a balance between candid and posed shots to ensure a memorable session.


Q: Can we print our photos on our own?


A: Absolutely! I offer printing options through a professional lab, which guarantees top-notch quality. However, if you prefer to handle the printing yourself, you will also receive a full print release with your final images. Just keep in mind that the quality may vary when printing through other sources.


Q: What if I'm unable to make the session due to illness or bad weather?


A: Your well-being and Mother Nature's whims are important! If circumstances prevent you from attending your scheduled session, we'll gladly reschedule to the next available date that works for both of us. However, if you cancel without rescheduling, the retainer fee will be forfeited.

Travel Fees

Q: Do you travel outside of the Comox Valley?


A: If the session location is outside of the Comox Valley (Black Creek to Deep Bay) a travel fee will apply.

My Style

Q: How would you describe your photography style?


A: I strive for a natural and authentic approach to family photography. I'll guide you to picturesque spots, "arrange" you in them, and then encourage genuine interactions that bring out your natural expressions and connections. This allows your children's true personalities to shine, making the session enjoyable and resulting in captivating images.

Model Release

Q: Will our photos be shared publicly?


A: Your privacy is important to me. You have the choice to decide if you'd like your photos displayed publicly on my website or social media. I'm thrilled to show off your beautiful images if you give the green light!


Q: Can our furry family members join the session?


A: Absolutely! Your adorable pets are family too! Just give me a heads-up in advance so we can plan accordingly to ensure their safety and create a suitable location for them when they're not in the photos. Somelocatio

Delivery Timeline

Q: How long until we receive our photos?


A: I understand your excitement to see the finished photos! I'll do my best to deliver them promptly. Expect to receive your initial proofing gallery for selection within 1-2 weeks. After you make your choices, anticipate an additional 2-3 weeks for delivery. Timing may be faster depending on the season.

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